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ACX Working 100% - we just need MORE revenue

Greetings make!

Did you review the latest EMG Update?


If everyone would read about ACX more, then
there would be much less confusion when any
changes take place - actually they are not
changes, just developments in the system,
which keep ACX paying, year after year.

It's all according to the ACX Compensation Plan


Revenue keeps on increasing each week at
ACX, but we have to be patient - we do NOT want
to turn on the DSC for too many older Tripler
Packs too quickly, like we did last time...

ACX is a great system, but it needs to managed
properly to get the results we all expect!

We ALL expect our daily withdrawal requests
to be paid, right?

And right now, any new purchases get paid 3%
per day - this is very exciting!

Did you read the previous update?

No, it's not possible to turn on the DSC for
older Tripler Packs yet - we need MORE
daily revenue first!

Are you helping fix this problem?

Here are 2 things you can do:

1) Buy more Tripler Packs - this will

a) add an additional income stream to your
portfolio, AND

b) it will help start the earnings of older
Tripler Packs for ALL ACX Members.

2) Share ACX with others - this includes

a) sharing any of your affiliate URLs,

b) posting withdrawal proofs to get Withdrawal Rewards,

c) contacting everyone you know who has Tripler
Packs in ACX and helping them understand
what is going on, AND

d) posting positive information about ACX where you
see negativity.

That's it! Your efforts could really help!

We did it last week - we can do it again

Yes, last week, we were able to pay DSC for
ALL Active Tripler Packs - that includes
ALL Older Tripler Packs, the ones affected by
the recent Reset.

We can do the same thing again this week,
if everyone continues to buy NEW Tripler
Packs - and they pay 3% per day currently!

What does everyone need to do?

1) Buy new Tripler Packs - then you will have
two streams of income at ACX - from Tripler
Packs that pay 3% per day, AND from the
older Tripler Packs affected by the recent


2) Share ACX - you even have a new affiliate
website to show everyone!


The more we all share, the more daily earnings
(DSC) the older Tripler Packs will pay!

Did you see the previous update?

All Withdrawals Caught Up - Tell Everyone!

That's right, since the last E-mail, were able
to get ALL withdrawal requests caught up!

So Revenue is increasing - it's amazing!

The more Revenue increases, the more
DSC everyone can receive - it's all according
to the ACX Compensation Plan at


Did you read it lately? It describes just about
everything that ACX has been doing over
the last few months since ACX Tripler started.

There are no secrets - we have a system
that is the MOST transparent that you will
find online - we tell it like it REALLY is.

For the most recent information about how
things are going at ACX and what we recommend
that you do to make the most money, read the
latest updates at


Did you review the last update?

We send them to you daily, just because
your account was affected by a recent Reset.

Here is the previous update - it's an important one!

Older Tripler Packs Can Pay a LOT of DSC

Yes, it's true - if we increase revenue at ACX
enough, the older Tripler Packs can pay
a LOT of Daily Sales Commissions (DSC).

It's up to the ACX Members to decide when
and how much!

Last week, we were ABLE to pay DSC on the
older Tripler Packs, but then revenue decreased,
to a point where ACX Management had to make
the decision to decrease their DSC to 0%.

Apparently ACX Management had made the
decision to pay TOO MANY older Tripler Packs
TOO SOON - so that decision had to be taken

We expect this to be only temporary, but it's
important for members to understand that
the system MUST pay all withdrawal
requests within 24 hours.

In addition, it's important to understand that
NEW REVENUE is important - in order to pay
the withdrawal requests of ACX Members.

Where does new revenue come from?

From the spending and sharing of active
members who are earning currently 3%
per day.

So the 2% and 3% per day Tripler Packs
need to pay DSC FIRST.

Then, if there is enough money to pay
earnings to the older Tripler Packs (those
affected by a Reset), the system can be
adjusted to do this.

It's always a great time to review the ACX
Compensation Plan at


Most everything we do at ACX is explained on
the website, in the Member Area for everyone
to review - there are absolutely no secrets
as far as how the Compensation Plan works!

It's also ALWAYS a great time to buy more
Tripler Packs - currently paying 3% per day!

We all need to spread positivity and share
ACX, so that the Older Tripler Packs can
pay again.

Remember, you can earn 150% in 60 days
by purchasing NEW Tripler Packs - this gives
you a SECOND income stream!

So you will have earnings from NEW Tripler
Packs (currently 3% per day), PLUS, you'll
have earnings from the older Tripler Packs,
which will be able to pay again soon!

Did you review the previous update?

Older Tripler Pay 0% Again - Time to Take Action

ACX Management has just decided to decrease
the DSC for older Tripler Packs again.

This is necessary to ensure that recently
purchased Tripler Packs can pay daily and
members can withdraw their earnings daily.
This is among the most important features
of ACX - daily withdrawals.

We expect this situation to be temporary, and
should be able to increase these DSC Rates
fairly quickly, possibly in a few days or even
just a few hours - as soon as overall revenue
at ACX increases sufficiently.

How to Make the Most Daily Earnings at ACX

This is a great question, which the SMART ACX
Members already know:

1) Spend more money on Tripler Packs

2) Share ACX with others

The more we all spend and share, the more money
we can all earn every day!

ALL is Back to Normal at ACX

Have you bought enough NEW Tripler Packs yet?

ACX is back to normal, now that the new reset has
been completed. It's time to start making money

What does this mean?

- Most important thing is... Withdrawals are BACK to
Being Paid within 12-24 hours!

- All Ad Packs purchased for the next few weeks
and months will earn 3% per day, until 150% DSC
is paid in full!

The number one thing we ALL need to do now is
Spread Positivity and Grow Revenue!

Do you have referrals in ACX? IF so, you might
want to learn more about the Reset that happened
on November 18th - if you can answer their questions,
they will be willing to buy and share also.

Here are the FAQ that will give you all the info
you need.


Most importantly, there is no change to what
members need to do to make money at ACX - keep
buying and keep sharing.

Even with this latest Reset, you didn't lose money.
The Ad Packs affected by it just pay less money
per day. This is SO MUCH better than the old way
of getting Panels.

So, keep buying as many new Tripler Ad Packs as
you can afford, viewing ads daily to make money.

And, of course, SHARE ACX with others!

It might also be a good idea for you to review
the ACX Compensation Plan again - remember
the ACX Simple Recipe?


There's a good reason why ACX is still here today,
and it has everything to do with our simple recipe!

ACX is the BEST place for you and your referrals!

Where else do you KNOW that your referrals are
going to make 150% in just 88 Days?

Only ACX offers this real opportunity!

Also, be sure to explain the new page about
there being NO RISK in the ACX Pay Plan!


This information could be the very thing that
helps get your referrals interested in ACX.

Don't forget that everyone at ACX Management
has one goal, and that is to make sure YOU
have every chance to succeed with the ACX
Pay Plan.

We are committed to helping you!

ACX Sales Manager

Dec-13-2017 09:55:44 PM

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